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La Bella Rosa Pinot Noir Wine Bottle

Our Wine, La Bella Rosa Pinot Noir

Fruit for our wine, La Bella Rosa is sourced exclusively from Mt Rosa Lodge planting of Pinot Noir (clone 777). We are delighted to have Brian Shaw as our winemaker who works closely with Alan Brady (Founder of Gibbston Valley Wines).


Our Pinot Noir was first released in 2008 from our small, unique and privately owned single vineyard site. This wine is made on a very small scale, only 4-5 barrels are produced each year. The fruit is ripened in bright, clear air carrying the scents of mountain flowers and herbs. The clarity of that environment is evident in the delicate texture and supple structure on the wine.

The grapes are handpicked within 4 hours around April/May each year, de-stemmed, and fermented in a small stainless steel fermenter. Processing the following day along a fruit sorting table and destemmed gently into our signature small fermenter. Working on the ferment by gentle hand plunging only once a day contributes to the soft fruit palate along a gentle pressing. The maturation process is 10 months in all French barrels with approximately 20% new and 80% older oak.

Pinot Noir is such an enjoyable young wine, however, there is plenty of tannins to reward for up to 10 years under suitable cellaring conditions.

La Bella Rosa 2022 Vintage Earns Top 10 Pinot Noir Accolade

"A stunning expression of the Gibbston sub-region with red and black fruit entwined with hibiscus, thyme, cinnamon, liquorice and savoury underlay on a sleek, long, sweet finish. 96pts" - Candice Chow, Candice Wine Chat

La Bella Rosa, Top 10 Pinot Noir

La Bella Rosa, Tasting Notes

La Bella Rosa 2023

Presents a sophisticated personality, characterised by its fine minerality and remarkable intensity.


  • Lifted Floral Notes: Enchanting hints of vanilla blossom and a bouquet of fragrant wild flowers set the stage.

  • Vibrant Fruit Flavours: A harmonious blend of red and dark fruits, creating a lively and enticing aroma.


  • Complexity: Each sip reveals layers of spice and smokey undertones, adding depth and intrigue.

  • Texture: The palate is soft yet elegant, with a refined tannic structure that is both smooth and sophisticated.

  • Finish: Enjoy a long, juicy, earthy finish that lingers, leaving a memorable impression.

Aging Potential:

  • Flirtatious and Reserved: While already impressive, this Pinot Noir holds much in reserve, promising further development and complexity with aging.

This wine is a delightful experience now, but also holds great potential for those who can wait, offering more rewards with time.

La Bella Rosa 2022

Intense floral with a broad spectrum of very bright red fruit. Notes of mid ferment (raspberry, wild thyme) with an element of "mystery". Earthiness.

On the palate it is broad and silky with fine grained tannins. A herbal edge with classic raspberry and a hint of caramel. Great balance of fruit, tannins and acid. Slightly more structured than previous vintages and should age very well if left well alone.

96pts The Candice Wine Chat

La Bella Rosa 2021

A varietal bouquet of place and time with aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry, red cherry, florals of rose and blue violet, savoury dried herb voice, tamarillo flavours and mushroom. Youthful and delicious vibrant acidity, perfume, red berry fruit and minerality. This vintage articulates the poise, grace, and uniqueness of Pinot Noir from this tiny Gibbston sub-region, when words simply fall short.

La Bella Rosa consistently produces delicacy, finesse and detail.

95pts The Candice Wine Chat


La Bella Rosa 2020

Complex, ripe, fruity and varietal bouquet with characteristics of the site – an elevated and airy feel with mountain herbs and flowers on the nose and an underlying hint of earth. Aromas of raspberry, cranberry, black tea and wood smoke. The palate is intensely focused and is showing a more firm tannic structure than normal. Precisely balanced and a fantastic wine. “A wine to lose yourself in, sitting by the fire contemplating the meaning of life” – Alan Brady - Winemaker

La Bella Rosa consistently produces delicacy, finesse and detail.

95pts The Candice Wine Chat


La Bella Rosa 2019

A soft fruit entry, utterly balanced, delicate fragile structure with acid rather than obvious tannins providing the finish. Lifted, refreshing, blue violets, raspberries, rich plum and a hint of pepper, wild thyme, tabacco meld with fallen leaves and a touch of smoke. There’s complexity and charm, depth and minerality. Lengthy finish and well crafted.

La Bella Rosa consistently produces delicacy, finesse and detail.

96pts The Candice Wine Chat



Imbiber Pinot Noir 2008
Our 1st harvest, picked on the 28th April in beautiful sunny conditions. 

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2009
Grapes picked on 29th April, a large crop in crisp autumn conditions. A very small picking crew.

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2010

Grapes picked on 29th April, very small crop due to a cool summer. Very Intense fruit. A very enthusiastic harvest crew from all over the world.

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2011

Grapes picked 22nd April due to a great spring with much heat and moisture. Glorious autumn day for harvest, with returning harvest crew and from the previous year.

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2012
Unprecedented snow on the 4th Nov resulted in insufficient damage to the young shoots and so the crop in 2012 was not of sufficient quality or quantity to harvest for our Imbiber Pinot Noir.

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2013
A late but glorious autumn harvest day, 9th May. The fruit was left a bit longer on the vines resulting in the wine being rich in colour and flavour. 

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2014
The best harvest day to date. We picked with some international and local guests and this was to be Alan Bradys last harvest as a winemaker. Lunch was memorable by the outdoor open fire and dinner was memorable with speeches from all. This one of those ‘life-enhancing days’.

A similar crop to 2013 but lighter. This is resulting in a less but better wine and we watch with interest to the maturing of this wine, still in French Barrique.

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2016

This season produced one of the best vintages yet. The last for Brian and Maureen which saw them handing over the reins to Nic and Ali Soper. 2016 vintage turned out to be a beauty and was enjoyed by many guests who managed to take a bottle home with them after their stay. 

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2017

The first and rather nerve-racking vintage for Nic and Ali, boy did they nurse those grapes well throughout the growing season. Checking the vines every day and learning all about vineyard management. A smaller crop due to weather conditions but Alan (yes he came back for another vintage) and son-in-law Terence Vallelunga produced a delicious Pinot Noir. The harvest crew of family and friends enjoyed a fabulous day picking, eating and enjoying Imbiber 2015. With a cheeky taste of 2016 which shows much promise.

Imbiber Pinot Noir 2018

Another harsh lesson in Vineyard Management - Fallow deer, from the mountain behind the Lodge, enjoyed the first buds - meaning a crop too small to produce a vintage this year. We will be watching out for the deer next Spring.​​

La Bella Rosa Pinot Noir 2019

Grapes picked 1st May. Using a bear earth policy to eradicate weeds, pruning the sub-surface roots to force the vines to bring up really good nutrients from well beneath the surface and more careful attention than ever. The 2019 season saw above-average rainfall and below-average temperatures, with a later than normal bud burst and flowering. From January through March it was mostly sunny and warm, with temperatures slightly above average and little wind.

The 2019 Vintage is smooth delicately fragrant and medium bodied. With subtle savoury cherry-plum aromas, with a hint of pepper, thyme and earth. 

La Bella Rosa Pinot Noir 2020

While it will be forever remembered as the Covid-19 harvest, the 2020 vintage was undoubtedly one of the most challenging. Grapes picked 6th May. While we had our challenges this vintage will be remembered for its quality attributes.


“The 2020 has all the signature characteristics of the site - an elevated and airy feel with mountain herbs and flowers on the nose and an underlying hint of earth and forest floor.  “A wine to lose yourself in, sitting by the fire contemplating the meaning of life.”

La Bella Rosa Pinot Noir 2021

Overall quite a cooler summer not the usual 30 degree plus days. Grapes picked 29th April.

A season of two halves similar to 2020, cool and wet pre-Christmas with quite a lot of rain early January. Then finishing with warm and dry days without the really hot temperatures. Resulting in a larger vintage compared to other regions. Small berries and bunches gave us great concentration and tannin structure.

La Bella Rosa Pinot Noir 2022

Perfect ripening conditions. Grapes picked 23rd April. Long, warm summer, hot and dry in March and April. No disease pressure at all. No frost pressures. Some of the best ripening conditions we've seen.

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